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Organic saffron sales price

In those days, the price of organic saffron has slightly changed. The price per kilogram of organic saffron is around 2500 euros. You can see the saffron price list and the saffron comparison table. Of course, having an organic certificate and a laboratory sheet is also important. If you intend to purchase and export organic saffron, you should carefully check the certificates and certificates of organic saffron. Saffron Diamond Company is one of the world’s leading exporters of organic saffron.

Organic saffron sales price

How much is the difference between organic and non-organic saffron prices?

An important issue is the organicity of the major sales and sales of saffron for export purposes. More than 96% of saffron produced in Iran, due to non-traditional and traditional cultivation, is inorganic. Organic saffron is said to be saffron, which is to be done throughout the process and length of sowing, harvesting, packaging and preparation using mechanized machines.

Organic saffron sales price

Organic saffron sales price

What is the difference between organic and non-organic saffron?
Saffron is a medicinal herb. Only 100% of the drug can be considered 100% healthy and hygienic without any fertilizers and chemicals. In this case, the cost per kilogram of organic saffron will be 4 to 3 million more than other saffron. The difference in organic and non-organic saffron in the lab will be determined. If you intend to purchase and export organic saffron, you can contact our experts right now.

Organic saffron
Organic saffron

Best selling bulk saffron sales center

There are also some tips to buy and sell saffron that should be taken into consideration. For example, the sample of saffron must comply with the order of the order. Buying and selling bulk saffron is done in a variety of ways. Saffron Diamond Company has provided the opportunity to send some order of saffron as a sampel to all customers of the world and send it to the countries of the world according to the order of your order.

Export of saffron to Europe

Difference in the price of buying and selling bulk and partial saffron

With a fingertip account, we’ll see why organic saffron is used for export. For example, the price per kilogram of the best saffron for domestic consumption (inorganic) is between 12 and 13 million USD. Taking into account distribution costs such as packaging and transportation, and manpower and intermediaries (shops, etc.), the price per gram of saffron will reach the consumer by about 16 to 17 thousand tomans.

Saffron price
Saffron price
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